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All Around Appeal

Curved walls and arched doorways are making a comeback in a big way and luckily these design elements are easier to achieve than ever.

In predicting design trends for 2020, Nicola Conville of Home Beautiful magazine opined that ‘Architectural elements of the home will embrace rounded edges through circular windows, arches and curved walls as advances to technology allow architects to challenge structural boundaries.’

And we are already seeing this trend manifested in modern and innovative ways.

Cutting Corners (in the best way!)

Curved walls can help create architectural intrigue and a sense of continuous flow between spaces. Enhancing the sense fluidity between and within the spaces of your home, curved walls are a fantastic design element being used more and more in modern design.

In their latest project, renovators Kyal and Kara wanted to mirror the curves on the outside of the house internally. “Throughout the home we’ve used curves as a design element” says Kyal, “and we wanted to do the same and add that architectural feature in the master bedroom.”

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Gyprock Flexible was the perfect product to realise this vision. Versatile and easy to install, the thinner than usual boards are layered on top of one another to create unique shapes whilst maintaining strength.

Curves are a design addition you won’t regret incorporating and as interior designer Greg Natale explains “if they’re done well, they don’t go out of style” (Home Beautiful Nov 2019).


Arches – A Well Rounded Feature

The key to beautiful arches is making sure you make the most of high ceilings so that the arches are welcoming rather than oppressive. The biggest decision however is where to put them?

For Kyal and Kara that decision was easy.

“When it came time to designing the interior, we’ve selected key doorways to create arch entryway features” said Kara.

“We’ve chosen two arch doorways in our master bedroom that lead into the walk-in robe and ensuite. The arches help to lead the eye towards the ensuite and really frame the beautiful finishes we’ve chosen.”

But don’t think that you’ll be dating your house, as Kara continues, “Although arches may take some people back to the late 70s and early 80s house designs, for us, they take us to a Mediterranean Villa.”

What defines your dream home is how it makes you feel and how you express your personality through design, both interior and exterior.

“In a climate where people are reminiscing and dreaming of getting away again, creating the ‘holiday feel’ within your home can certainly be therapeutic.”

Design Tip: Begin the curve of the arch where the top of a standard door will be. This will help to modernise your arches and ensure you maximise the sense of flow between areas.

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