Adding personality to your ceiling designs with Cornice

Adding Personality To Your Ceiling Designs With Cornice

Gyprock® inspirational cornices enhance any interior design idea by adding detail and personality. With six stunning designs, there is the right cornice for any corner of your home


There are no hard and fast design rules to follow when choosing a suitable cornice but selecting a style that complements other interior elements will help bring the whole space together. A cornice with clean geometric lines offsets a contemporary room, while a cornice with formal curves looks right at home among period or Art Deco-inspired interiors.

Gyprock Cornices also have fantastic versatility. Concerto, Alto and Symphony have a unique design advantage over other cornice styles – they can be installed reversed towards the ceiling, which creates a whole new look. Reversing the installation in some rooms is a clever way to create subtle variation in style throughout the home.

Taking control of your project and understanding which Gyprock products should be used will smooth the process. Oh, and your builder will absolutely love you for it! If the overall performance benefits of selecting different Gyprock products are not enough, the choices in finishing products such as cornice can add a whole new dimension to your home.

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Feeling overwhelmed by the choices on offer? Why not try Gyprock’s Cornice Visualiser to help you see what works best for you.

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