Building a home that grows with your family


Building A Home That Grows With Your Family

Research reveals Australians are holding onto and staying in their homes for longer, increasing this ownership period by a third since 2005. As such, home builds need to be versatile, adaptable and dynamic in both design and functionality, built for the future, with flexibility at the forefront of mind and an understanding of the need to grow with a modern family and their ever-changing needs. Whilst a room may be initially designed to meet a specific performance requirement at that time, it may not always serve that same purpose. It is important you work closely with your builder to develop strategies and solutions that facilitates and welcomes versatility in a ‘forever home’ from the foundations.

Sound it Out

Every contemporary home needs a versatile living space for occupants to do just that; live. With video games, play dates, movie marathons, quiet work spaces, toy rooms and more, CSR Gyprock® Superchek™ is a must, providing a 15% reduction in perceived loudness compared to standard plasterboard, and extra strength that effectively resists any damage caused by knocks and tumbles.

Multipurpose the new open plan

2020 will see the evolution of multipurpose living spaces. Frequent entertainers will expand open plan kitchen and dining areas to incorporate outdoor areas, with seamless transitions achieved through continuous walls from the inside, out. Gyprock Aquachek™ is ideal for use on walls and ceilings in these areas, resisting moisture and humidity without compromising integrity. Living areas are also flowing into bedrooms, especially in smaller houses. Adaptability and flexibility are achieved through the use of folding walls and doors, opening up rooms for additional meters, or closing them off for privacy. Superchek™ plasterboard on dividing walls boasts strength and sound reduction, making the most of a dynamic floorplan.

Protect Walls in Growth Spurts

Whether it’s coming through the front door with the shopping, children’s indoor play or pushing the pram down the hallway, walls may come under some scrapes and nicks. Investing in Superchek™ during the building phase for areas like hallways will allow your home to withstand the growth spurts of your family, keeping up appearances for longer with that new-home interior and keeping maintenance, down. For more information about Gyprock, visit


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