Modern-style and long-term durability achieved with the help of Gyprock

Bedroom Arches

When building your forever home, two things become very important; comfortability and durability.

With a young, growing family Kyal and Kara wanted to make the Blue Lagoon a home where the kids can be kids and the grown-ups can relax.

To that end, they chose a variety of Gyprock boards best suited for the purpose of the room they were lining.

Child-proof spaces

They wanted to future-proof the kid’s rooms so that when they’re playing with toys as toddlers or blasting music as teenagers, the sound isn’t going to echo around the house. This made Soundchek the perfect material to line the walls, with its acoustic dampening properties.

As the kids get older we wanna keep that sound in. We want them to be able to have friends over and play music and us not be able to hear it – Kara

This forward-thinking didn’t stop at the rooms however, with the hallways lined with the denser Superchek. Made to withstand schoolbags, footballs and anything kids can (literally) throw at the walls, Superchek also helps to reduce the amount of noise transmitted through the walls.

Kids Bedroom
Bedroom Curve

Parent’s Retreat

At the opposite end of the house from the kid’s room came a room with the opposite purpose. The main bedroom was designed to be the perfect hideaway, with floor to ceiling windows to let in light and a bespoke ensuite to add a resort feeling. To maximise this feeling of sanctuary, the room was imbued with a sense of fluidity through some inventive use of Gyprock.

Taking you from the entryway and opening into the bedroom retreat, the curved wall was achieved with Gyprock Flexible, a thinner plasterboard which is curved and layered over framing to create unique and interesting shapes.

The curved wall with the addition of arched doorways draw you into the room and provide a sense of peaceful serenity, perfect for getting away from it all.

“The arches help to lead the eye towards the ensuite and really frame the beautiful finishes we’ve chosen” said Kara.

The Main Event

But Kyal and Kara had a surprise in store…the Helical Staircase.

A spiral staircase is built around a central pole or column. But a helical staircase is engineered in a helix around a central void, helping to create a feeling of openness and light, as though it were floating up to the ceiling.

This stunning staircase forms the centrepiece of the home’s living area, visible from the kitchen at one end of the house, and from the kid’s loft at the other.

‘I was pretty fascinated when the Gyprockers came and put that plaster coat on it just completely changed the vibe of it, said Kara, ‘it felt like a sculpture.

Helical Staircase

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