Enhancing the sense of fluidity between and within the spaces of your home, curved walls are a fantastic design element being used more in modern design. Achieve a modern aesthetic with Gyprock Flexible.

Get the Curved look with Gyprock Flexible


Curved walls can help create architectural intrigue and a sense of continuous flow between spaces.

A curved or spiral staircase is a thoughtful design feature with a real sculptural appeal.  It has the ability through its fluidity and smooth finish, to guide a person through the levels, gradually exposing new views and revealing new spaces.

Gyprock Flexible is the perfect product to realise this vision. Versatile and easy to install, the thinner than usual boards are layered on top of one another to create unique shapes whilst maintaining strength.

  • Designed to bend and create convex and concave curves to hallways, bulkheads, statement ceilings and staircases.
  • The double-layering provides superior impact protection.
  • The application is practical and straight forward, and the smooth finished look has a classic, elegant style.

Achieving the Curved Look

How can you achieve a curved look using Gyprock Flexible? Watch below as Daniel from House 3 of The Block 2020 explains how the curved wall in their living room was achieved with Gyprock Flexible boards.