The Block 2020

It was the most difficult Block ever, but 2020 produced some of the best houses seen on Australia’s favourite renovation competition.


Australia’s rich architectural history was on full display, from the freshly Federated 1910’s to the booming 1950’s, and each decade in between. These five houses required the contestants to update and incorporate different design styles to bring them into the 21st century.”

Each team of contestants brought their unique style to the houses. Jimmy and Tam’s colour palette, Luke and Jasmine’s house of curves, Sarah and George’s monochromatic restraint, Daniel and Jade’s abundance of rooms and Harry and Tash’s affection for skylights.

Every room in the house was lined with Superchek and every ceiling with Supaceil, but the contestants also made use of Gyprock’s range of decorative Roses, Panels and Cornices as well as Aquachek for wet areas and even Flexible for curves and arches.

^Imagery Credit : The Block